What to Expect on Sunday Morning

Come As You Are

Penny Road Church of the Nazarene isn’t for perfect people. It’s for our favorite kind of people:

People in jeans and people wearing suits and dresses. Happy people and people who are struggling. People who live alone and people with a minivan filled with a family. All ages, races, occupations, struggles, and religious backgrounds—from people who grew up in Sunday School to people who have never stepped foot in a church.

Whatever your story, you are welcome here. We’re here to listen to you, to support you, and to help you grow in faith. Here you will find community, friendship, and guidance down life’s path. At PRCN we are a family walking the journey together.

Every Sunday morning we gather together as a church to worship God through songs, prayer, and the reading and preaching of His Word. While we gather at different times and places through the week, Sunday morning is the main gathering of the PRCN family. More than any other time, this is when we are together under God’s Word so that we may be mutually encouraged and challenged.